The Dos and Don'ts of setting up your wellness business


Making the leap into becoming an entrepreneur can be bloody scary, not to mention having the sensation that you are trying to feel your way around in the dark. Let’s face it unless you have some experience in business, things are going to get uncomfortable!

I want to be brutally honest here and share my dos and don’ts of setting up a wellness business. These are things I have encountered first hand and I want to ensure that others out there don’t have to experience these as well! Who knows how much money I have spent on these learning curves! Seriously!! Haha! And I don’t doubt that I will make other ‘mistakes’ because we are all human.

Here are a few of the major dos and don’ts that I have experienced.

Don’t try to work with everyone

Time and time again, I meet new life coaches and other fledgeling wellness entrepreneurs that want to be inclusive of EVERYONE! They want to ensure they aren’t limiting themselves and cutting off potential income. I can relate because I totally did this too! When I started out I was working with everyone on everything and you know what happened? No one really knew what it was I could help them with. My website was like Aladdin’s cave of things we could potentially work on. I was trying to be everything to everyone and in the process lost who I was and what I had a genuine interest in helping people with.

Do get really clear on your ideal client

I promise getting clear on this from the very start will make a huge difference. I wish I had figured that out right from the beginning. Getting clear on your client means you know who it is your targeting which will impact your marketing, your branding, your website, your content, your entire message!! So focus on this right from the beginning before you get carried away with the pretty stuff like your branding and website!

Don’t create your brand and website yourself

Let me be clear this might not be the case for everyone but for a technologically impaired person like me, it was! I built my first website myself using a standard template and an off the peg logo. I don’t know how many hours I put into creating it, far less how many times I felt like either dropping my laptop of the 33rd floor of my apartment or banging my head against a wall. A year later and I felt really unhappy with the look and feel of it, it didn’t represent me! I didn’t know what would represent me!

Do hire a designer

Hiring a branding and website designer was the best decision I made! They took everything I wanted to represent and created something I am incredibly connected to that is representative of me, my interests and personality. I kick myself when I think about the number of hours, headaches and technology meltdowns I could have avoided by just getting this done sooner. It also frees up more time for you to be focusing on the things you love and are good at!

Don’t be scared of money

Money is really the last taboo subject!! We rarely talk about it! It is like getting blood out of a stone when I talk about this with friends and family. We have to start asking ourselves what are our money beliefs when we become self-employed because they are going to massively limit how much or how little you make.

I thought I had a pretty good relationship with money but through my own mindset work, I have discovered some sneaky beliefs which have been totally limiting me. Things like ‘I have to work really hard to make money’ and ‘if your self employed you aren't going to make money’. Do you have any beliefs around money that could be limiting you?

Do have a financial plan

Get comfortable with money, make it your new best friend! Let’s start taking responsibility for this side of things rather than sticking our heads in the sand hoping for the best. I started off by making a few minor tweaks and they have made a huge impact, they are as simple as opening a business account, tracking your money, getting financial advice and having a financial forecast.

Do charge your worth

This goes back to your money mindset. A lot of new coaches, wellness professionals and practioniers time and time again, don’t charge for their services or charge very little when they start out. This is something I think a lot of us do at the beginning as we build up our confidence. The trap we fall into is that when we do start charging we are met with resistance. From experience you are less likely to really give the client your all if there is no energetic exchange (whether that is money, swapping services or something else). How does it feel to charge the right price for you in comparison to working for free?

Don’t try to do everything yourself

When I worked in events I had a very close friend in the events team that did everything for fear that other people wouldn’t get it right. She went as far as doing other department roles like marketing and content. It made me laugh at the time but thinking about it now all I can think is how much extra work she was giving herself and how she wasn’t focusing on her role.

Are you like her? I know I was at the beginning of my business, take the website for example! Our businesses are our babies, an extension of us and therefore we want them to be the best they can be and are scared of handing that power over to any else!! But are you utilising your time (your biggest commodity and money maker) by doing everything?

Do outsource things that you aren’t good at or that you hate doing

Outsource the things you aren’t good at! You can focus on the things you are good at and enjoy when you do this. Technology is something I outsource quite a lot because I know that a virtual assistance will be able to do it in half the time and better!! Leaving me with time for generating sales, creating content and working with my wonderful clients.

Don’t try to work around the clock and focus all your time on your business

I get it you want to be successful but as one of my clients put it work smarter, not harder. You need to have balance in your life, time to step away from the business and have some head space because that is when the best ideas come up. Plus if you are doing something all the time, how long do you think it will take for you to get sick of it?

Do set healthy boundaries for yourself

Schedule time for work and play. If you work from home it is important to have a separate work area so you can step away from the distractions like house chores, it also makes finishing work easier.

Know this, your journey as an entrepreneur is unique to you and you will have learning curves, ‘failures’, that annoying little voice that tells ‘you can’t do this’ … how are you going to react? Are you going to give up at the first hurdle or are you going to learn from your experiences and come back better? This isn’t a one size fits all.

Kim xx