3 Tips on how to maximise your business's performance

How clear is your message? Are you making it easy for your potential client? It was a hard truth for me to face when I realised that actually, I was making things harder for myself and my clients!

I want you to avoid the mistakes I have made and provide you with 3 tips of what you should be doing instead.

1. Go through all your social media platforms and website

The easiest thing to start is by reviewing your social media and website. Sometimes getting a friend to critique your website and social media is easier. Get them to score it on how easy it is for them to buy from you. We all love inspirational quotes, killer content and pretty pictures but if you aren’t talking about what you can offer then it is pointless.

Ask yourself, are you talking about ways in which people can work with you? Do you offer consultations and tell people how to book them? Are you talking about your products, deals or brand? What messages do you want to be putting out there?

Ensure you are creating and mixing up the content on your posts to include the things you aren't talking about.

Make it simple for people. Little things like having a call to action on various platforms can make people's lives easier and enable them to buy more easily what you have to offer.

2. Are you working with your ideal client?

Are the people you are working with right now your ideal clients? Do you look forward to work or dread it?

Have a checklist for your the type of clients you want to work with. I am sure you have all already worked on your niche or ideal client, yet a lot of us end up working with people who don’t fit that description! Stop it! Doing this dilutes your message, confuses you about who you should be working with and makes you feel rubbish when they don't get results.

3. How are you spreading your message?

What channels are you using to spread your message? How are you advertising your services apart from on social media?

Collaborations, especially in the wellness industry, are incredible at promoting what you have to offer. Who can you work with that has a similar target audience?

If this has been useful and you are interested in potentially working with me then drop me an email at contactus@kimberleybarnardcoaching.com