The wellness entrepreneurs guide to working smarter not harder


Being busy, hustling and working hard is so often idolised! But does doing all those things guarantee your success? Not necessarily! I am not saying that being busy is negative. But does thinking you have to be busy to be successful negatively impact your mindset around success? Absolutely!

You may disagree with what I am saying but take a moment to reflect on the beliefs you have around working and your career. Where and when did you learn that the ONLY way to be successful was by running yourself into the ground? 5 am starts, late finishes, sacrificing family time to work, working your weekends, checking emails outside of work hours, picking up client calls while on holiday, do you believe you need to do these things to be successful?

The fact of it is, that working hard doesn't always mean you will succeed. My life experiences have definitely been a testament to this. The experiences of my childhood gave me examples of people who worked hard but weren’t successful. This was further cemented during my career in events management. I worked long, stressful hours that eventually lead to burn out. This type of work-life balance isn’t sustainable for anyone and doesn't guarantee success in the long run. I am sure all of you can think of someone or had your own experiences that highlighted working harder isn’t the key. However, working smarter bit just be.

So how do you work smarter? This guide is incredibly important to me because as a mum who works three days a week I need to ensure that the time I am working I get the most out of!! I don’t want to work harder to succeed, I want to work smarter!! So here are some of the things that I do:

Structure your time

Time, especially as a wellness entrepreneur, is your commodity. You need to ensure that you are utilising it to the best of your ability and believe me when I started out this wasn’t the case but motherhood has made me seriously reevaluate this.

I have a google calendar that is linked to an automated calendar that clients can access to book appointments. Having everything in one place means that there is no double booking. It also means that I can carve out time in the day for each task.

My top tip to ensuring your time is sacred is turning social media off on your phone and scheduling in time for your social media engagement. Otherwise, the trap of endless scrolling becomes a time vacuum.

I also like to ensure that I schedule in things like self-care (meditation, exercise), personal development, social and family time because let’s face it, you are more likely to do it if you block it out in your diary!

Create a to-do list

Every Sunday night I write a to-do list in my journal for the week ahead. I then go through it and grade it according to what is the most important, what has deadlines, what can wait, what can be outsourced and what can just be crossed off.

Having a clear list of what needs to be done ensures you are utilising your time, it creates efficiency and it gives you direction for the day, week or month ahead.


Outsource what you aren’t good at. If you aren’t good at something you end up spending more time on it. You may have read my previous blog that talks about when I built my first website and you will know that I am no tech genius. I spent days if not weeks building this thing, the amount of time that I invested in it was crazy! Thinking back on it now that time would have been better utilised reaching clients, marketing or creating content. I ended up losing money by building my website myself.

Think of it like this, yes everything needs to be done but do you have to be the one to do it? Are you making the most out of your time and earning the most you can by doing it? For example, we have a cleaner that comes in once a week. The hour it would take for me to clean the house doesn't make sense when I can earn enough money in that hour by doing a coaching session which would pay for a cleaner and in the meantime still grows my business. Doing it myself doesn't generate anything.

So what do you enjoy doing, what are you good at, keep those things. What do you put off until last or dread doing? Outsource that stuff!


Automating cuts down the time you spend doing certain tasks. You can automate everything from your emails to your social media posts. I spend one afternoon a month creating my social media posts and then scheduling them. I do the same with my facebook page posts as well. It doesn't mean that you can't add posts in when the mood strikes but it does mean that you aren't constantly focusing on this aspect.

If you are feeling some resistance to this and have deep-rooted beliefs about having to work a certain way then explore them, understand why you have them and start to disassociate yourself to them, look for evidence of people who have been successful that have taken the working smarter root. It is time we started changing our stories about the sacrifices we need to make to be successful.

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