Why you should and how you can embrace your journey


Have you ever said to yourself' ‘why didn’t I start this sooner’ or ‘I wish I had figured it out 2, 5, 10 years ago’? I have experienced this as well! I wish I had figured out sooner that I wanted to be a life coach. I wish I had figured out that my passion was destined to be my career. And, I hear this from clients, friends and family again and again.

The thing is you can’t have got to the final destination, this destination any other way. You need to have had experienced all those things, the good and bad, in order to reach this point. This journey has enabled you to have the realisations that you wanted to work in wellness and help others by experiencing some of their pain first hand. However you have found your way to wellness, if you look deep enough you will find that you have used an aspect of it to heal yourself whether that was from depression, increasing your confidence, burn out, unhappiness, trauma or anything else. We all have our own stories.

I talk a bit more about my story on my website however, in brief, I found wellness through my own challenges. In the space of a few years, I left my job of almost 10 years, lost my Dad and ended my marriage. There was a lot of pain, anger and sadness that I carried and I realised for me that I needed to work on it before it became any more self-destructive. Having worked as a PT and life coach I have noticed that I have always attracted people to me who have the same pain points or have been on a similar journey. And with realising that I have come to understand why I had to experience all my challenges to reach this point (doesn’t make it easier to reach though).

So wherever you are on your journey of ‘figuring’ it out or understanding what you want to do, I want to remind you to do a few things.

Be kind to yourself

Being kind to yourself makes things so much easier. If like me you get frustrated about how slowly things happen for you, how you couldn’t get enough done today, how you need more clients now then remember the last thing to grow on a fruit tree is the fruit. Step back, breathe, look at what you have already achieved and be kind to yourself.

Enjoy the process of learning

I have had many different careers in my life and each of them has given me different skills. Nothing you do is a waste of time or money because you are constantly learning what works and doesn’t work for you. You are learning new skills that at the moment feel like they don’t fit in but in a few years, time might be invaluable.

Remember everything you experience has lead you to this point

As I said at the beginning everything you have experienced has lead you to this point and everything you experience in the future will shape the person you become. We need to have these experiences to make us stronger, more resilient and show us the path we were meant to walk.

Kimberley Barnard