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I bet SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is one of those things you’ve had on the long list to look into for your wellness business for a while now. You know you’ll benefit from understanding it, but you’re convinced it’s going to be way too technical and complicated for you to understand.

Much better to just keep promoting what you do via social media alone. That’s enough, right?


Of course if you only want to reach the audience that the algorithm gives you through social media, go ahead. But a much more effective way to reach people who need you and are actually searching for what you offer, is to improve your SEO. 

And guess what? It’s not as complicated as you think. 

I don’t have a computing degree and I know nothing about coding. But I have managed to get myself onto page 1 of the Google search for the keywords I know my ideal client is searching for. 

With some very simple hacks you can do the same: 

1. Understand how search engines work

At a very basic level search engines like Google are based on keywords and trust. Let me explain.

Google is powered by Google Bots. Think of them like little crawling spiders, scampering around the internet, learning what websites are about. Based on what you tell Google your website is about i.e. the keywords you put in your website copy and SEO boxes, the Bots make a decision about how relevant your website is to someone’s search. 

And the trust? It’s everything to Google. Users only come to Google to get answers to their questions because they trust that it will give them the best and most relevant answers. 

Therefore Google loves websites that it sees as trustworthy. 

How do you get Google to trust you? Blog regularly, write good length posts answering specific questions, make sure you have no broken links on your website and get yourself linked to from other websites to prove your value. 


2. Identify your keywords

You’ve seen me mention keywords but perhaps you’re thinking, what are my keywords? 

Ask yourself this: what is your ideal customer typing into a search engine where you want your website or blog post to be the top answer they see? What’s the specific thing they are searching for? 

The important thing to remember about keywords is to get ‘longtail keywords’, not short ones. 

If you’re trying to get on Page 1 of Google for the word ‘health’ or ‘yoga’ or ‘fitness’ you’re going to fail. Way too many people are paying big bucks to get found for those searches, you just won’t compete. 

You need to be thinking more specific than a single word, which is where you’ll be able to compete better. Instead of ‘health’ try ‘health for over 60s’. Instead of yoga try ‘yoga for cyclists.’ This taps into your niche, but it’s relevant to keywords as well. 


3. Blog to get found 

Having a blog on your website makes search engines think you are more trustworthy. Because those little Bots likes fresh content and believe your website is more relevant and up-to-date than a static website that hasn’t been added to in months. 

On your blog make sure to create posts that answer specific questions and try to write content of around 1,000 words. Google Bots love an article of 1,000 words because they believe it’s more likely to answer a user’s question than a short article. So it’s more likely to show higher in the search. 

But don’t just limit yourself to writing for your own blog. In order to get links from other websites around the web (and build that search engine trust), make sure you’re guest blogging for other people. Don’t make these random, blog for websites that are within your niche and will open up an audience to you that are looking for your type of content. 

Writing for Arianna Huffington’s platform Thrive Globalis a great place to get started with this. 


4. Tweak your website to improve your SEO 

If you’re looking for quick wins and easy hacks for SEO try these simple updates and changes you can make to your website today that will instantly boost your ability to get found:

·      Check your URLS – make sure they’ve got your keywords in and not just a random string of letters and numbers. Google Bots include your URLs when they’re searching for relevant websites. 

·      Include keywords in your image file names – one of my biggest bug bears! It’s easy to spot when someone has uploaded a picture to their website and just left it as IMG395. That’s not helping you get found! Change the file name to include your key words. 

·      Use headers – not only do they break up your text and make it easier to read, they also help you get found. And guess what? Your headers need to include your key words too, or variants of them. 


5. Install Google Analytics 

If you haven’t already installed Google Analytics on your website, do it now. It’s free and it will give you an unbelievable amount of information about who finds your website and how. 

Having more data and information helps you make improvements and create more content that gets visited. Otherwise you’re just doing this blind, continuing to blog and update your website with no idea what’s working and what’s not. 

Google Analytics can tell you which pages are the most visited on your website and this can give you a great insight into your ideal customers or client and the things they’re searching for. 

It will also tell you about the behaviour of your visitors – are they hanging around and searching on your site once they arrive? Or are they ‘bouncing’ straight out? Which pages get visitors staying for a long time, and which ones don’t engage them? You can make changes and updates to your website using these insights and make it even more effective. 



Vicky Shilling is a coach, helping wellness industry entrepreneurs turn their business ideas into reality. Vicky offers 1:1 coaching, online masterclasses and runs a thriving online community of health and wellbeing business owners. She also teaches and lectures about starting a wellness business in both the UK and Ireland. 


If you would like to go deeper on SEO and learn the exact things you need to do to get found, you can buy access to Vicky’s 2 hour masterclass on How To Get Discovered On The Internet here: https://vickyshilling.com/how-to-get-found-on-the-internet  

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