Get clear on your purpose

90 day transformation program

kimberley barnard coaching

Who is this programme for?

You are a health conscious individual who feels lost and aimless and wants help to find your purpose.

How would it feel to…

Live your dream life?
Live a life that feels easy and simple?
Feel contentment, happiness and satisfaction in what you are doing?

Is this course for you?

You are seriously looking for change.
You have tried everything and feel stuck on what to do next.
You are serious and dedicated to achieving the results and goals you want.
We will dig deep, uncover those thoughts and beliefs that have been holding you back.
Focus on your strengths and get clarity on your next steps.
Expert coaching, guidance, reassurance and support.


Here is what your one to one program includes:

3 months of support and guidance

x12 one hour coaching sessions
Direct access to me via email for clarity on any questions that come up between sessions
Materials and resources tailored to your needs to ensure you get results
Strategic plan of action to ensure lasting results
Lifetime access to a closed FB support group
Plus you get the following bonus resources:
Full access to the online course modules on 'How to get clear on your purpose’.

This will be available from the 1st of April 2019.




How do we work during the programme?

A life and transformation coach will provide you with an action plan to find your purpose. We will explore and uncover the thoughts and beliefs that have been holding you back and how to overcome them. We talk about mindset and change it to a positive and confident one to ensure lasting results. We identify your strengths and weaknesses and what you can do with them. Together we will work to understand what your goals and vision are.

Support and guidance is offered to you on through phone calls, emails between sessions and on our closed Facebook group ensuring that you take action and are accountable to those goals you so badly want to achieve.   

What type of coaching do I use?

I provide you with expert coaching to overcome whatever is holding you back to realise and live your purpose. I use a blend of NLP, hypnosis, mind power and other coaching methodologies to best suit your needs.