Hi, I’m Kim

And I had a bit of a journey to finding a wellness career I felt passionate about. There were a lot of trials and tribulations!

I have always felt passionate about wellness but never thought that a career in it was something that was considered ‘proper’. My conditioning always told that it wasn’t a proper career but something rather to be done in your spare time.

I love everything wellness and it is a love that was ingrained from an early age. My family set up one of the first wellness hotels in the 70s on my island home of St.Lucia and it was something we had a lot of exposure too! My Mum also introduced us to alternative healing practices at an extremely early age and I have had a life long love of reflexology and kinesiology as a result. I was into crystals and meditation before it was deemed ‘cool’. I kid you not I was the kid who at 8 years old could tell you the healing powers of each crystal. I thought I was incredibly cool, a view not shared by many at the time.

My leap into a wellness career happened later though and was as a result of completely burning myself out at work as well as losing my Dad and ending my marriage.

I studied Events Management at university (which sounded so much more glamorous than the BA in Business Studies I had originally signed up for). Out of university, I got what many would consider a dream job. I worked for a global media company in London producing and executing events for them all around the world. What more could a 20-year-old want? Five-star hotels, exotic destinations, Michelin star restaurants and some other pretty amazing perks! But it was also high pressure and high stress and after almost 10 years in a senior position, it broke me.

I became anxious, overwhelmed, tired, stressed, angry and started to experience social anxiety (not ideal for a service based job).

During this time I also got married and looking back on it now I wondered if I did it for the right reasons or again if my blueprint, my conditioning had got the better of me. We all have different blueprints but mine sounded a bit like this go to university, get a job, meet a guy, buy a house, get married, have babies… and I wasn’t until I was in the thick of it that I realised that it wasn’t what I wanted, it wasn’t making me happy.

I also experienced the extreme heartbreak of losing my Dad during those years which brought not only his lose but a lose of my identity, direction and in some ways the expectation I had placed on myself of having to please him.

And at the end of that time, I looked back over everything I had been through and I couldn’t fathom how my life had ended up being a never-ending repeat of work, watch tv, sleep, repeat and live for the weekends! I felt unhappy and unfulfilled. And it was the realisation that I was actually doing something I didn’t care about, that brought nothing positive to my life that caused me to resign with no idea of what would be next for me.

I am telling you all of this because we all do things for so many reasons outside of ourselves that make us unhappy and mean we never become who we were meant to be.

During that time the only thing that kept me going in that career for so long was the balance I had found with yoga, the gym, meditation, healthy eating and a love of self-development books. And that is where I went next because it had kept me sane and it had always been the one thing that I kept coming back to.

Since having that realisation I have retrained as a personal trainer, moved to Dubai, done various courses, workshops, did my life coach training and found my way back to the UK. It was through working with my PT clients it became apparent that working on external factors like diet, sleep or physical fitness just isn’t enough. Their challenges and obstacles were at a deeper level, their mind. I made the transition to work solely as a life coach when I returned to the UK two years ago but during my time in Dubai, I worked as a holistic PT who focused on the mind-body connection.

This journey although winding has allowed me to experience different aspects of wellness and finally find something I absolutely love. Helping wellness entrepreneurs who are struggling with their mindset and understanding how to set up on their own, turn their passion for wellness into a successful passion driven and purpose-centred wellness business, lights me up. It means that the people who have a positive message to share on how to better yourself are heard and seen because without those types of people I wouldn’t be who I am today.