Hi, I’m Kim

And up until a few years ago I was like you!

I felt totally lost, overwhelmed and aimlessly coasting through life. How did things get so bad? Well to understand that here is my story:

I grew up on the Caribbean island of Saint Lucia!! Awesome right?! I was schooled in the U.K. I finished school like many of us, with no idea whatsoever of what I wanted to do. My conditioning or story told me that I needed to have my entire life mapped out by now! Yeh right!!

After having a gap year in Spain, I decided to study a BA in Events Management mainly because it sounded more glamorous than Business Studies. Fast forward and I got what most would think was an awesome job with a big media company in London, executing events for them all over the world. It was a high pressure, high stress job which after almost 10 years left me feeling anxious, overwhelmed, struggling with social anxiety, tired, stressed and really, really angry! Plus I couldn’t really fathom that THIS was life was suppose to be. A never ending repeat of work, watch tv, sleep, repeat and live for the weekends!

I did the only thing I could and handed in my resignation without any idea of what I wanted to do! That coincided with me ending my marriage. So as you can imagine I found myself more lost than ever before.

All I knew was that I wanted to help people live happy, healthy and balanced lives. So at this point in my life I became a personal trainer and worked in this field for a few years but it became even more apparent that fitness alone was not the answer to overcoming people’s problems which is how I got to where I am today.

I absolutely love what I do and helping people overcome their obstacles and let’s be honest a lot of the time, themselves! To dream a life they thought was unachievable and then put in place a step by step plan to achieve it! Seeing and hearing them get to a place they would have never thought possible, well, that for me gives me a purpose and drive that is next to none. I am inspired by people like you, who grab life by the proverbial ‘balls’ and make the changes to live your dream life.