Firestarters / 6 Week Program

Firestarters / 6 Week Program


Firestarters / 6 Week Program

Firestarters is for you if:

  • You have a burning desire to start your own wellness business

  • You are recently qualified and looking for the next steps in how to set up 

  • You want to build a passion centred and purpose driven wellness business

  • You know that you are ready for the next step and want to challenge and change your own thinking

  • You need someone to support you, guide you and keep you accountable so that you move forward

What’s included in firestarters?

X1 90 min starter session

X2 60 min calls

Direct access to me via email for clarity on any questions that come up between sessions

Materials and resources tailored to your needs to ensure you get results

Strategic plan of action to ensure lasting results

Access to a my Facebook community

Get fired up!