Right from our very first session together, Kim made me feel comfortable and I was able to release many emotions that had been building up over the past years. Before my coaching I felt lost with no sense of direction of where I was going in life. She helped me to identify my limitations, such as negative thinking and anxiety, which were stopping me from moving forward by using hypnosis techniques to find where they stemmed from. Thanks to Kim, by the end of our sessions, I was able to take back control and make positive steps towards my newly found goals. I can’t thank Kim enough for all her help in all areas of my life, including my mental health, relationships and career.
— Sophie Robinson, Shoreham, UK
After working with Kim I have taken back control of my life. Our sessions were challenging, insightful and transformative. Often, to get to the core of what holds us back and the limiting beliefs we cultivate and normalise throughout our lives we have take a step where we don’t necessarily want to go. Undergoing this process with a person who is so eager to help the client realise they have the power to change their mind-set, meant our sessions were packed full of learning, personal development and realisation. With a paradigm shift occurring towards holistic and alternative medicine where focus is on the individual and the power of the mind, NLP stands out as an enhancement of human potential field. To experience the vitality that true happiness brings and detachment from negative thoughts, is very empowering. I look forward to continue working with Kim to be more grounded and present and less vulnerable to negativity spirals. As Benjamin Franklin said: “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” Thank you Kim for guiding me so I could detach from the past, not fear the future and concentrate on the present.
— Patrick Deeming, London, UK
Support comes to us in many shapes and forms, sometimes when we least expect it, but at other times when we seek it. I’ve always thought of myself as being tough, independent woman, but then was humbled and blessed to be introduced to a beautiful and special soul, Kim, who really led me to further understand more about my psyche and helped me calm my inner demons, transitioning my mind to a positive state. Kim is an NLP and life coach, and to me, she’s a dear friend and a sweetheart. She’s been a massive support throughout my healing journey and continues to be. I entrust her with my mental health and wellbeing. I’ve learned that being strong and independent also means understanding my limitations and seeking expert advice when needed. Trust in yourself but don’t be afraid to lean on those who have the ability and knowledge to lift your spirits when you really need it, even when you think you don’t.
— Pamela Schlawit, Dubai, U.A.E
Kim is a remarkable coach, she always amazes me how she gets to the heart of the matter with her unique style. Her enthusiastic coaching style is encouraging, motivating, and uplifting. My personal experience with Kim gave me the confidence and ability which empowered me to believe that I can accomplish whatever dream I choose for myself. When it comes to coaching - Kim’s simply a master!
— Ali El Arab, Dubai, U.A.E