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The Wealth in Wellness podcast is stories of success from wellness professionals. We talk about their journeys into the industry, their challenges, learnings and advice for anyone further down the line as well as so much more.

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Episode 014: How manifestation works with Effie Love, About Balance

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Episode 013: The importance of gratitude with Ange Simson, The Gratitude Project

Absolutely loved speaking with Ange and can't wait to share our chat this week. Ange is an integrative nutrition health coach, creator of the gratitude gang and health hub and a Mumma of two.

Ange shared her journey of retraining during maternity, going make to work 2 weeks after having her youngest, learning to ask for help, the effects of physical and emotional stress, learning to practice and create a habit of gratitude, juggling being a mum and running a business. One of the biggest messages in this episode that Ange spoke about was having a purpose bigger than you, understanding it isn't about YOU.

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Episode 012: Redefining motherhood with Claudia Spahr, Founder of Holy Mama Retreat

This week I am sharing my chat with Claudia Spahr, Founder of Holy Mama Retreats

I can't express how important this conversation is for parents and understanding our own relationship with our parents.

We talked male and female energy, the mother wound, the impact of our thoughts, changing your genetics, high vibe language, changing our programming to speak to our children and owning our sexuality.

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Episode 011: Imposter Syndrome with Dr. Jessamy Hibberd

This week I had Dr Jessamy Hibberdon Wealth in Wellness. Dr Hibberd is a chartered clinical psychologist, author and commentator. Her book the Imposter Cure was released this year. 

We spoke about imposter syndrome, her book and what she recommends to those who have had imposter syndrome at some point. We also spoke about not feeling good enough and how to overcome that story. We talked about our humanness, learning to internalise success and happiness, are having goals really everything and treating life an adventure.

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Episode 010: How to become the CEO of your life with Marko Mladenovic

Can't wait to share the conversation I had with Marko this week. Marko is a UAE-based Master Relationship Coach and founder of Remarkoble, a company with a mission to help, coach and transform one million souls. He has earned over 40 different international qualifications in the field of coaching, wellbeing, human psychology and neurolinguistic programming. 

I could have probably talked to Marko for a few hours about his journey and wellness in general but here are some of the highlights of what we touched on. 

We spoke about relationships with ourselves and others, the difference between men and women, why certain things happen to you, how to make your life effortless, how to raise your frequency as well as talking about the higher self, your ego, the inner child and energy. This one promises to be full of insights by an incredible coach. 

Marko is also offering something very special to listeners that want to work with him which is 30% off his normal rates. Be sure to contact Marko directly to discuss this.

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Episode 009: Carly Rowena, Fitness Coach, CrossFitter and Mum on authenticity & winging It

This week I spoke to Carly Rowena, fitness blogger, personal trainer, Crossfitter and Mum. We spoke about toxic environments, taking that leap of faith, putting yourself out there⁠, being authentic⁠, how everyone is winging it⁠, her experience and battling the taboos of exercising while pregnant⁠, the readjustments not only to herself but to her business in motherhood (she gave herself two weeks maternity leave)⁠ and top tips for working mums out there as well!! ⁠

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Episode 008: Learning to enjoy the journey of starting and running a business with Sadie Reid, Founder of Hip & Healthy

This week I spoke to Sadie Reid, Founder of Hip & Healthy. Hip & Healthy is an online health and wellbeing magazine inspiring you to be the best version of yourself. 

During this episode I talked to Sadie about how she reinvented the fitness and wellness space through the magazine, starting a business on a limited budget, learning to trust her intuition, prioritising self-care and balance it with family and a business, what her failures have taught her and the importance of enjoying the journey. 

We also talked about the new online directory for wellness professionals that Hip & Healthy has soft-launched. Check it out The Hip List


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Episode 007: Why men need a coach with Bradley Wescott

Bradley is a coach that focuses on empowering men to love themselves, feel their emotions and express their truth in relationships. This promises to be a really juicy interview and I had lots of lightbulb moments during it. ⁠

We spoke about Bradley's own story and how he overcame a past of addiction, the importance of processing emotions his emotions had on him and the people he has worked with, we talk relationships, codependency, recognising self-sabotaging behaviour, healing your inner child and letting people see the true you. We also talk about why you need to stand out from the crowd as an entrepreneur and the importance of authenticity.

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Episode 006: The importance of managing your finances with Emily Cohen

This week I interviewed Emily Cohen. Emily is a yoga teacher, personal trainer, nutritional health consultant and runs some amazing retreats!!⁠

What struck me most about our conversation is Emily's honesty. We spoke about how to create a winning mindset, the power of sharing your story, turning yourself into a brand, why you need to run retreats AND something I think everyone struggles with at some point, finance!! She shares some absolute pearls of wisdom on how to manage your finances from the start, what to look for when planning your cash flow and lots more!!⁠

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Episode 005: The challenges of rediscovering who you are with Olympic Medalist, Leon Taylor

This episode is with none other than British silver Olympic medalist turned coach, speaker, yoga teacher and mental health advocate, Leon Taylor.

Leon has such a lust for life!! His optimism and energy for all things is truly infectious and inspirational.

⁠⁠During the interview, we talked about the impact of watching the Olympic games had on him at the age 6, the challenges in rediscovering who you are, the importance of mentors, why joy should be central to anything you do, how to constantly learn and evolve as well as whether we can ever be successful in our own eyes. ⁠⁠

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Episode 004: Becoming the most vulnerable and visible version of yourself with Zoe Blaskey

This week we talk about how everything you want is on the other side of fear, how by Zoe turning her back on the corporate world led her to become the most vulnerable, visible version of herself, treating failures as opportunities, all about the pitfalls of comparison and perfection, as well as how to feel successful. This week is full of insight and juicy wisdom from this wonderful lady. ⁠

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Episode 003: Overcoming self-doubt with Dr Tanya Beaubrun

⁠In this episode, I talk to Dr Tanya Beaubrun who is a family physician specialising in functional and integrative medicine. As well as an Amazon best selling author! ⁠We talked about going back to school later in life, overcoming self-doubt, how writing helped her to tackle her fear, dealing with the sceptics, trusting in your path and raising awareness about the benefits of alternative medicine.


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Episode 002 : Learning to celebrate the little successes with Lili Sinclair Williams

This week I interviewed Lili Sinclair Williams. Lili is a Cognitive Hypnotherapist and Coach and also is someone I have followed and admired for some time. In this episode, we talked about learning to manage your time as an entrepreneur, channelling those feelings of comparison, why failures are brilliant, how to find the right clients, why you need to celebrate the little successes and making sure you practice what you preach.


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Episode 001: How to reframe challenges as opportunities with Clare Maddalena

In the very first episode I interviewed Clare Maddalena, creator of LushTums, co-founder of Wigglebums, senior yoga teacher and doula. We talked about finding her path into yoga, following your inner compass, how she nurtured and created a huge community, her advice on staying present in business and reframing challenges as opportunities, as well as how having children motivated her to take ownership of her career.


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Trailer : Wealth in Wellness - Stories of Success from Wellness Professionals

A brief introduction to the Wealth in Wellness podcast from me, Kim Barnard. I will be talking about the inspiration for the podcast, what it is all about and why this topic needed to be covered. 

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